Ghost people – Glow in the dark


Introducing our 100% black cotton tote, a unique and versatile accessory that lets you make a statement year-round. This tote boldly displays the words “I ghost people all year round” alongside a skeleton hand making a peace sign.

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100% Cotton

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By day, it’s a sleek and sturdy tote, perfect for carrying your daily essentials. By night, it showcases a striking design with a glow-in-the-dark twist, making a statement even in the dark. Crafted from premium quality cotton, it’s both fashion-forward and environmentally friendly. Whether you’re heading to work, embracing a weekend adventure, or looking for a distinctive gift, our black cotton tote seamlessly blends practicality with a touch of irreverent humor. Shop now at our website and carry your year-round attitude with you wherever you go.


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